Sex Worker Archives

Call For Submissions

The Sex Worker Archives has formed to create a physical and digital space for the preservation and dissemination of our communal histories. We are currently calling for submissions worldwide to build our collection. As it develops, the archives will be accessible via pop-up events, and requested private viewings. Ultimately, we are looking to acquire a location in Detroit, MI to house the archives, host events, and serve as a community space.

Examples of the types of primary sources, documents, and artifacts we are looking for include but are not limited to:

-newspaper clippings

-fliers and pamphlets

-meeting notes

-protest signs





-film and videos

-personal and private artifacts and documents

-court and legal documents (via FOIA requests and otherwise)

Submissions can be emailed to, or uploaded here:

Physical artifacts can be mailed to:

619 Collingwood St.

Detroit, MI 48202

Files may also be physically sent on a usb drive. Please contact us before sending if reimbursement for postage is desired. Also contact us prior to submission if you have special instructions regarding your documents (i.e. privacy redactions, restrictions, etc). Lastly, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or ideas you may have! Thanks for your consideration! Only we can keep our histories from erasure!